Thursday, October 11, 2007

and it goes a little somethin like this....

okay, so now i can speak with a bit more openness about my life. when last i posted, a few details hadn't yet gone public, but now i can spill the beans, so to speak. so here's the deal: i got a new job. and not just a lateral move - a step up....a goodly sized step up. i'll be an instructional designer — not simply an editor — and this includes the opportunities to write more AND to pay all my bills without working two jobs. WOOHOO!! i gave my notice this past monday; next friday is my last day. then i take a week (6 days, actually) off and start my new gig on 10/30.

grad school is going really well, even though i'll be glad to get through my introductory classes and into the 'meat' of it; also, i'm taking 2 classes right now, and somehow i feel like things will be less confusing when i only have one at a time. we'll see.

yesterday, 10/10, salimah and i celebrated 10 years of friendship. it's astonishing to me a) that we've known each other that freaking long and b) how much has happened in our lives during that time. i was so scared and easily hurt 10 years anxious and full of shame. thank God things look so different these days....

oh, and finally, there is this boy....:)

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