Friday, September 14, 2007

simmer down now....

as i speak, there's a huge pan of very meat-laden sauce bubbling away on the stovetop. i HAD to get out of the kitchen. it was gettin too hot in there!

i'm making a lasagna for my friend maria. she's never tasted my cooking and since she's moving to new jersey in another month or so, i wanted to have her over and just be able to hang out outside of work.

i spent the morning at the car dealership getting bella all spiffied up (also, she had a recall on her windshield wiper fluid cap, so i had to take care of that). she deserved new oil and to have her tires rotated. it's nice to be pampered every once in awhile.

tomorrow i get a hair cut, hang out with a friend, and hopefully get some homework done. then sunday i shall rest:). it's important to have one day where things aren't going full tilt.

happy weekend, all:)

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Alexis said...

Did you get that post title from that Saturday Night Live chick? She always cracked me up. "Simmer down now!" :)