Thursday, September 27, 2007

dear blog world,

remember me - your friend sarah? yeah. sorry it's been forever and a day. to say that my life has been busy of late would be an understatement. i'm honestly not sure what day it is much of the time.

anyway, if it makes you feel any better that i've been rejecting you, consider that i've missed one of my favorite shows, 'the biggest loser,' for two weeks in a row because of homework or some other activity. oh, and there's been a load of clothes in the dryer for at least 5 days now waiting for me to retrieve and fold the items. heck, i haven't even managed to put the new roll of tp on the holder. it's just sitting on my countertop like an afterthought. really, it's not good.

oh, but maybe this will make you feel better: i think about you all the time...really, i do. something will happen and i'll think oh, this is SO bloggable but then the moment passes and i move on with my day. but the thought was there, and that counts for something, right? right?

either way, i know i'm lame. i'll try to do better in the near future. heck, this post alone should show something of my renewed commitment!! now then, i promise i shall cease and desist with the horn tooting starting now-ish:).

in summary: school continues to get more intense, work has been its own bag of tricks, and there are some slight developments in the personal life. that's about all i've got.

i hope you're doing well. and i promise we'll see each other again soon. call me, k?


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Meredith B said...

Hi Sarah! I am so glad to have found you in the blogosphere! I know that I have been a horrible friend for like that last 5 years or more...I will try to be better about staying in touch. Hope all is well. Love, Meredith