Saturday, August 04, 2007


this morning, as is so typical with me these days, i was up bright and early. frankly, i'm shocked i slept in as late as 7:06, but perhaps that's because i was up kinda late watching movies (including 'blood diamond,' which i thought was fantastic). at this point, i'm ravenous and feeling like there's so much i ought to be doing. i think what i will do, however, is shower up, make something nice for breakfast (maybe blueberry whole-grain pancakes), and get moving on my tasks for the day (including some online coursework i have to complete before school starts).

honestly, sleeping feels like such a waste of time to me some days. the older i get, the more i prefer the 'up and doing' philosophy my family has always espoused.

so, in the spirit of that philosophy, i better get my butt up off this chair and get to the doing!

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