Monday, August 13, 2007

calgon? never used the stuff....

before i head off to work for the day - and to begin the week - allow me to say that i have 3 lines of an alison krauss song stuck in my head and, frankly, even something that beautiful will eventually start to gnaw at you. on top of it, i also feel unsettled and nauseated; i'm not sure if there's a physical component or if it's purely (mostly) mental. the mind-body connection truly is a wonder to behold.

last night i made a casserole, finished my laundry for the week, and, because i am a sap, watched 'extreme makeover: home edition.' if ever one needs a little cleansing boo-hoo, that's a great way to get it. the people and their stories never cease to tug on the heart strings - all the more when i'm already feeling kind of emotional and worn out.

went to bed early last night, slept relatively fitfully, and i predict i shall be sleepish by 1 p.m. today. we'll see how long i last before i start fantasizing about napping....i could sure use a little respite right about now.

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