Tuesday, June 05, 2007


the last few days have had their share of weirdisms. here's one i can share (and let me just mention at the outset that i was OUTRAGED): i got a FAKE ticket from the district of columbia. no, actually, the ticket is real. it was issued in ERROR. apparently some highly qualified, competent individual down there at the traffic office mis-entered a license plate for a car, and despite the fact that the picture CLEARLY shows a gray toyota, they have charged my RED JETTA with a ticket for speeding through the 3rd street tunnel in DC on may 3. okay, i don't even know where that is.

so i tried calling and leaving a strongly worded message, but of course the machine was full (probably of messages left by other people who had been errantly charged with violations). finally i reached a human being when the office opened yesterday morning and i was interrupted and told that it would be investigated and someone would call me back. i'm like, 'hi, it's not my car.' the woman didn't even let me finish as she quipped back, 'well, ma'am, if you know it's not your car, that's all that's important.' what? yeah, whatever.

at least i got out of jury duty due to the brokenness of my foot.

and may i just say that we're having a cookout at work tomorrow. this has me truly psyched. i've said it before: i need to get out more.

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Kate said...

you know what that ticket scenario is? Kafkaesque, baby.