Friday, June 15, 2007

real quick

i have to dash (well, hobble) off to work in a few minutes, but i thought i'd check in and give a little love to my blog (as they say, if you give a little love, it all comes back to you - let's hope that's true, eh?). today's my annual review at work, tonight's an o's game with mel, maria, and salimah (awesome seats), and monday i'm taking a vacation day to just chill, do some freelance, and organize some things.

speaking of the o's game, i've been making phone calls and seeing how i can figure out a way to get dropped off at the gate. so the other day, i call the park and say to the person who answered, 'yeah, so, if someone wanted to drop someone off at the park....and that someone had a fractured foot so they couldn't really walk....and this is where they're sitting....where would they drop them off?' he asked me a few more questions, which for some reason i kept answering vaguely, and then he says to me, almost as an aside, 'are we talking about you here or someone else?' i'm like, 'oh, well, it's me, actually....' i have no idea why i was trying to play it off. sometimes i don't even know what my motivation is....

oh well, i got the info i needed, and hopefully he was spot-on with his directions. fireworks after the game!!

work beckons. i'm out.

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