Sunday, June 24, 2007

one week

it's just 7 days until i turn 32, and in the grand spirit of all things birthday 'eve,' i shall give you the following listiness:

1. went to see two plays this weekend: picasso at the lapin agile (by steve martin) and fat pig (by neil labute). the latter piece dealt with the issue of sizeism, cowardice, and the inability of MOST people to just BE who they are without regard for others' opinions. we stayed after for a 'talk to the actors' kind of thing, and i got a chance to share some thoughts. it was a meaningful piece and very well performed.
2. had a lovely sushi early dinner out yesterday before play #1 and then spent time with our friend vic afterwards at the starbucks and endured some true antics from a clearly trying-too-hard-for-attention/somewhat-out-of-her-gourd barrista. delightful (barrista notwithstanding).
3. today's post-play meal was at the city cafe and involved wonderfully crisp, well-seasoned calamari with a divine lemon-jalapeno dipping sauce (think infused vinegar) and (for me) a chopped cobb salad. avocado just makes a dish, i find.
4. i'm thinking about getting my mba online. been pondering some type of online masters for a couple of years, but i took a few preliminary steps to get the ball rolling.
5. my feet are STILL killing me.
6. i'm still obsessed with iced tea.
7. i'm in a very outspoken mood these days (more than usual). i like it.
8. i have some truly great friends. and a lot of them have disappeared over time. this is okay with me.
9. weekend afternoons in the summer (especially when the breeze is blowing) really ARE the best.
10. i love being the kind of person who can RELAX and just be, or who can be spontaneous and have plans on a whim. i wasn't always that way. the extent to which i have put those anxious ways to bed astonishes me every single day. in short, i'm breezy. really.
11. in addition to #10, i really don't have time for b.s. i sincerely do NOT. and i just have no ability to pretend otherwise. i love that.
12. balega socks are still rocking the HOUSE.
13. i want this year to be one that i remember as being productive and filled with good decisions. let it be so. i'm ending on an 'unlucky' number because i think that's bollocks and i don't mind bucking tradition.

the end.

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