Monday, June 18, 2007


as i said before, i took the day off from work today. it's 6:50 and i'm still loving every minute of it.

i slept in a little bit this morning before showering leisurely, checking blogs, doing a bit of bill paying, etc. i left the house around 10:15, got myself some breakfast, and then went to the post office, blockbuster, the bank, to drop some money off for a friend at work, and then to borders to do some work. i edited furiously for a couple of hours, did a little shopping, and then headed home by way of grabbing some tacos (a guilty pleasure) for lunch.

once back in the cool of my apartment, i watched the movie 'sherrybaby' starring maggie gyllenhaal. it was a rather dark movie and i found myself wishing for it to be over, and yet i felt quite sympathetic to the main character (who, while rather screwed up in the head, was really trying her best to get her life back on track).

since the movie ended, i've been in my bedroom shredding papers, opening neglected mail, and generally ruthlessly cleaning my desk. i love this. it feels SO invigorating. the backdrop to all of this has been some sirius radio online. crap - how i LOVE this service. it's really so awesome. i cannot imagine life without it at this point.

on the docket for the evening: i may make some turkey meatloaf or something like it, maybe watch the other movie i rented ('notes on a scandal'), and read my book for awhile. days off like this are delicious. i'm SOOO glad i took one for the team...that team, of course, is me.

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