Wednesday, June 27, 2007

easy peasy

so i'm in the process of applying to graduate school. if all goes well, i should be starting on september 4 and getting my m.b.a. (probably in project management or something like that). i'm actually rather excited about it and hope that it will get me out of the professional rut that i'm in. also, if i'm ever going to open up my own biz, it'll be nice to have. it's all about opening doors.

the best thing so far about this process is how incredibly streamlined it's been. my dear friend nina works at the school, and she's been an awesome help to me, and it just feels like everything is falling into place. i love that. how many times in life does something like that go down? hardly ever, i tell you.

in other news, i'm baking some honey-peanut butter-chocolate chunk cookies (with just a hint of oatmeal) tonight. i'm bringing them in to work tomorrow for a joint birthday treat (my friend maria is bringing taco dip - we're savory and sweet like that)'s kind of like when you were in kindergarten and your mom sent you to school with cupcakes for your class. celebrate me, people! that's what i'm saying....

all right, i'm off to turn on my oven. this is rich: it's 97 degrees outside and i'm about to bake. when will i ever learn??

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