Wednesday, June 06, 2007


of dawn, that is....that's what time i got up this morning. but you know what? i've been getting up at LEAST an hour early EVERY morning for the last two weeks. this daylight at 5 a.m. thing is killing my sleep schedule!!

i'm heading in to work early today because i have a follow-up podiatrist appointment (please, dear Lord, let the man give me cortisone - my right foot is killing me). after weeks on end of wearing das boot, i've had to go old school for the last week or so because the little dictator ripped some skin off my leg on a trip to wegman's 10 days ago. let's just say it wasn't pretty and it was hurting like a beast. also, i must say that it pretty much ruined the progress my other foot had made by putting more pressure on that foot to keep up with the height difference. one foot gets better at the expense of the other. hmm. my feet are like social classes! das boot being the rich, unfeeling, hoity-toity stepping on (figuratively speaking) the needs of the lower down, athletic-shoe-only-wearing citizen next to it. jerk. i never did like that left foot anyway.

okay, i've started something i can't finish. i'm going to work.

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