Sunday, June 17, 2007


brief update:

i just watched 'invincible,' mark wahlberg's feel-good true story about a dude from south philly who tried out for the eagles in the 70s and made it. heart-warming. i'm all about the cheese.

i've joined, which i absolutely love. not only is it a great way to catalogue what you've read, but it's a fantastic way to see what your friends are reading and to get inspired for what you might want to read in the future. so inspired am i, actually, that i took a trip to the library yesterday to load up on some fiction that i hope to tackle in the coming weeks. i started a great little book, 'pomegranate soup,' about three iranian sisters who move to ireland to start a food shop. delightful thus far!

yesterday was delightful in general. after hitting the library, salimah and i had a great early sushi dinner at edo sushi, then went to starbucks and read for awhile, and then headed off to wegman's to pick up just a few little items. she wound up going into the store and shopping for me, because the go-cart situation wasn't really working (they were all charging or unavailable). it was just as well. it would have taken twice as long for me to get everything; the crowds make shopping with a motorized vehicle prohibitive.

today i was a complete bum and did almost nothing, although my weekend isn't over just yet; i took tomorrow off, so i have another day to hopefully accomplish a few things, get some reading done (maybe?), launder my clothes, and just generally relax. summer mornings are the best for being productive, i find.

in a final note, allow me to say that i am rather obsessed with top chef. this should come as a shock to no one. in particular, i find tom colicchio DREAMY. apparently i'm a sucker for bald guys with a soul patch. :P and seriously, don't even get me started, because i also have this dark, secret (okay, not so secret anymore, internet!) crush on anthony bourdain (who was a guest judge on the first episode of the season). he's a smoker and kinda fringe and very raw and yet i find him rather appealing. plus, i once i had this very saucy dream about him (okay, i won't go there). basically what i'm trying to say is THANK YOU BRAVO FOR PUTTING THIS SHOW BACK ON!

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Kate said...

I also find Anthony Bourdain to have a certain appeal...