Saturday, June 23, 2007

bawlmer, merlin, hon

last night, i did something decidedly bawlmer-ish: i got crabs with my friends mel and rob. we had some dogs with sauerkraut and a bit of other picnic fare as well, but mostly it was all about those fat, sweet-meat-laden crustaceans. so delish!! after dinner, we just hung out and talked in their living room where i was being loved on by their awesome kitties. at one point, i looked over to my right and recognized a familiar gray box near their entertainment center. 'dude!' i exclaimed. 'do you have, like, NINTENDO?' she nodded. 'do you have, like, SUPER MARIO BROTHERS??' indeed she did!

so giddy was i to find this out that the three of us took turns playing the game for at least an hour. who remembered how fun this is? ME!! i used to play smb in the basement of my friend nikki's or my friend meredith's for hours on end nearly every single day during the summer of '89. people, those were the days.

anyway, i had my nostalgia and my fill of seafood, and i was on my way by about 10:30 - late for me for a friday night. but what a fun time. good friends are the best.

and this morning, i slept in until about 9:45. i don't remember the last time i did that. clearly i've been needing a little catch-up on the sleep front.

i'm off to jump in the shower and then to pick up salimah. she and i are scheduled to grab sushi and then head down to a play with our friends victoria and michael. tomorrow we'll see ANOTHER play and then i hope to chill out with the book i'm reading. weekends, you're my favorite. forever and always.

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