Wednesday, June 27, 2007

one more thing

i was successful in my baking endeavor, although i sweated like some kind of farm animal (whatever that means). i'm now about to hit the sack. morning comes early when it's an hour earlier than i'm used to.

i still feel accomplished: i made treats, watched two shows that i love - 'so you think you can dance' and 'top chef' - and even made some tuna salad for lunch tomorrow. on the docket for tomorrow apres work: podiatrist, grad school essay, SLEEP.

that is all.

easy peasy

so i'm in the process of applying to graduate school. if all goes well, i should be starting on september 4 and getting my m.b.a. (probably in project management or something like that). i'm actually rather excited about it and hope that it will get me out of the professional rut that i'm in. also, if i'm ever going to open up my own biz, it'll be nice to have. it's all about opening doors.

the best thing so far about this process is how incredibly streamlined it's been. my dear friend nina works at the school, and she's been an awesome help to me, and it just feels like everything is falling into place. i love that. how many times in life does something like that go down? hardly ever, i tell you.

in other news, i'm baking some honey-peanut butter-chocolate chunk cookies (with just a hint of oatmeal) tonight. i'm bringing them in to work tomorrow for a joint birthday treat (my friend maria is bringing taco dip - we're savory and sweet like that)'s kind of like when you were in kindergarten and your mom sent you to school with cupcakes for your class. celebrate me, people! that's what i'm saying....

all right, i'm off to turn on my oven. this is rich: it's 97 degrees outside and i'm about to bake. when will i ever learn??

Sunday, June 24, 2007

one week

it's just 7 days until i turn 32, and in the grand spirit of all things birthday 'eve,' i shall give you the following listiness:

1. went to see two plays this weekend: picasso at the lapin agile (by steve martin) and fat pig (by neil labute). the latter piece dealt with the issue of sizeism, cowardice, and the inability of MOST people to just BE who they are without regard for others' opinions. we stayed after for a 'talk to the actors' kind of thing, and i got a chance to share some thoughts. it was a meaningful piece and very well performed.
2. had a lovely sushi early dinner out yesterday before play #1 and then spent time with our friend vic afterwards at the starbucks and endured some true antics from a clearly trying-too-hard-for-attention/somewhat-out-of-her-gourd barrista. delightful (barrista notwithstanding).
3. today's post-play meal was at the city cafe and involved wonderfully crisp, well-seasoned calamari with a divine lemon-jalapeno dipping sauce (think infused vinegar) and (for me) a chopped cobb salad. avocado just makes a dish, i find.
4. i'm thinking about getting my mba online. been pondering some type of online masters for a couple of years, but i took a few preliminary steps to get the ball rolling.
5. my feet are STILL killing me.
6. i'm still obsessed with iced tea.
7. i'm in a very outspoken mood these days (more than usual). i like it.
8. i have some truly great friends. and a lot of them have disappeared over time. this is okay with me.
9. weekend afternoons in the summer (especially when the breeze is blowing) really ARE the best.
10. i love being the kind of person who can RELAX and just be, or who can be spontaneous and have plans on a whim. i wasn't always that way. the extent to which i have put those anxious ways to bed astonishes me every single day. in short, i'm breezy. really.
11. in addition to #10, i really don't have time for b.s. i sincerely do NOT. and i just have no ability to pretend otherwise. i love that.
12. balega socks are still rocking the HOUSE.
13. i want this year to be one that i remember as being productive and filled with good decisions. let it be so. i'm ending on an 'unlucky' number because i think that's bollocks and i don't mind bucking tradition.

the end.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

bawlmer, merlin, hon

last night, i did something decidedly bawlmer-ish: i got crabs with my friends mel and rob. we had some dogs with sauerkraut and a bit of other picnic fare as well, but mostly it was all about those fat, sweet-meat-laden crustaceans. so delish!! after dinner, we just hung out and talked in their living room where i was being loved on by their awesome kitties. at one point, i looked over to my right and recognized a familiar gray box near their entertainment center. 'dude!' i exclaimed. 'do you have, like, NINTENDO?' she nodded. 'do you have, like, SUPER MARIO BROTHERS??' indeed she did!

so giddy was i to find this out that the three of us took turns playing the game for at least an hour. who remembered how fun this is? ME!! i used to play smb in the basement of my friend nikki's or my friend meredith's for hours on end nearly every single day during the summer of '89. people, those were the days.

anyway, i had my nostalgia and my fill of seafood, and i was on my way by about 10:30 - late for me for a friday night. but what a fun time. good friends are the best.

and this morning, i slept in until about 9:45. i don't remember the last time i did that. clearly i've been needing a little catch-up on the sleep front.

i'm off to jump in the shower and then to pick up salimah. she and i are scheduled to grab sushi and then head down to a play with our friends victoria and michael. tomorrow we'll see ANOTHER play and then i hope to chill out with the book i'm reading. weekends, you're my favorite. forever and always.

Monday, June 18, 2007


as i said before, i took the day off from work today. it's 6:50 and i'm still loving every minute of it.

i slept in a little bit this morning before showering leisurely, checking blogs, doing a bit of bill paying, etc. i left the house around 10:15, got myself some breakfast, and then went to the post office, blockbuster, the bank, to drop some money off for a friend at work, and then to borders to do some work. i edited furiously for a couple of hours, did a little shopping, and then headed home by way of grabbing some tacos (a guilty pleasure) for lunch.

once back in the cool of my apartment, i watched the movie 'sherrybaby' starring maggie gyllenhaal. it was a rather dark movie and i found myself wishing for it to be over, and yet i felt quite sympathetic to the main character (who, while rather screwed up in the head, was really trying her best to get her life back on track).

since the movie ended, i've been in my bedroom shredding papers, opening neglected mail, and generally ruthlessly cleaning my desk. i love this. it feels SO invigorating. the backdrop to all of this has been some sirius radio online. crap - how i LOVE this service. it's really so awesome. i cannot imagine life without it at this point.

on the docket for the evening: i may make some turkey meatloaf or something like it, maybe watch the other movie i rented ('notes on a scandal'), and read my book for awhile. days off like this are delicious. i'm SOOO glad i took one for the team...that team, of course, is me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


brief update:

i just watched 'invincible,' mark wahlberg's feel-good true story about a dude from south philly who tried out for the eagles in the 70s and made it. heart-warming. i'm all about the cheese.

i've joined, which i absolutely love. not only is it a great way to catalogue what you've read, but it's a fantastic way to see what your friends are reading and to get inspired for what you might want to read in the future. so inspired am i, actually, that i took a trip to the library yesterday to load up on some fiction that i hope to tackle in the coming weeks. i started a great little book, 'pomegranate soup,' about three iranian sisters who move to ireland to start a food shop. delightful thus far!

yesterday was delightful in general. after hitting the library, salimah and i had a great early sushi dinner at edo sushi, then went to starbucks and read for awhile, and then headed off to wegman's to pick up just a few little items. she wound up going into the store and shopping for me, because the go-cart situation wasn't really working (they were all charging or unavailable). it was just as well. it would have taken twice as long for me to get everything; the crowds make shopping with a motorized vehicle prohibitive.

today i was a complete bum and did almost nothing, although my weekend isn't over just yet; i took tomorrow off, so i have another day to hopefully accomplish a few things, get some reading done (maybe?), launder my clothes, and just generally relax. summer mornings are the best for being productive, i find.

in a final note, allow me to say that i am rather obsessed with top chef. this should come as a shock to no one. in particular, i find tom colicchio DREAMY. apparently i'm a sucker for bald guys with a soul patch. :P and seriously, don't even get me started, because i also have this dark, secret (okay, not so secret anymore, internet!) crush on anthony bourdain (who was a guest judge on the first episode of the season). he's a smoker and kinda fringe and very raw and yet i find him rather appealing. plus, i once i had this very saucy dream about him (okay, i won't go there). basically what i'm trying to say is THANK YOU BRAVO FOR PUTTING THIS SHOW BACK ON!

Friday, June 15, 2007

real quick

i have to dash (well, hobble) off to work in a few minutes, but i thought i'd check in and give a little love to my blog (as they say, if you give a little love, it all comes back to you - let's hope that's true, eh?). today's my annual review at work, tonight's an o's game with mel, maria, and salimah (awesome seats), and monday i'm taking a vacation day to just chill, do some freelance, and organize some things.

speaking of the o's game, i've been making phone calls and seeing how i can figure out a way to get dropped off at the gate. so the other day, i call the park and say to the person who answered, 'yeah, so, if someone wanted to drop someone off at the park....and that someone had a fractured foot so they couldn't really walk....and this is where they're sitting....where would they drop them off?' he asked me a few more questions, which for some reason i kept answering vaguely, and then he says to me, almost as an aside, 'are we talking about you here or someone else?' i'm like, 'oh, well, it's me, actually....' i have no idea why i was trying to play it off. sometimes i don't even know what my motivation is....

oh well, i got the info i needed, and hopefully he was spot-on with his directions. fireworks after the game!!

work beckons. i'm out.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

i'm channeling effie white

i finally saw 'dreamgirls' this afternoon. well, i saw MOST of it. i fell asleep part of the way through and was zonked out for a good 25 once it was over, i retraced my steps to the part where i lost consciousness. i must say, i'm not generally a huge fan of modern movie-musicals (chicago, evita, moulin rouge), but this one was really pretty good. there were a few scenes in which the music transitions were a little cheesy, but overall, it captured my attention and my emotion. and i'll tell you one thing - that jennifer hudson can BLOW.

in other news, salimah stayed over last night and we went to wegman's (the weg, as i call it) at about 7:15 this morning. it was really the perfect time to few people around, it made maneuvering the little go-cart contraption rather simple. newsflash: i'm still not walking around much these days. one foot gets worse while the other gets better. or, more specifically, the thing that helps one foot makes the other worse. it's at the point where i'm applying for a temporary handicapped parking tag because the amount of walking i'm doing is NOT helping me in the least. i seriously hate being limited like this, but i don't know what else to do.

i'm hoping that things can heal significantly within the next month or so. i'm going to chicago on july 19 for a long weekend with salimah and my friend amy. can't wait. i need to find out just whether or not chicago really is my kind of town.

on the docket for tonight: cook up some chicken-feta-spinach burgers, watch a little tube, have a delicious phone conversation, and then sleep. i'm beginning to move some plans forward for myself, and i'm telling you one thing: i ain't quitting until something gives. sometimes it's all about that.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


of dawn, that is....that's what time i got up this morning. but you know what? i've been getting up at LEAST an hour early EVERY morning for the last two weeks. this daylight at 5 a.m. thing is killing my sleep schedule!!

i'm heading in to work early today because i have a follow-up podiatrist appointment (please, dear Lord, let the man give me cortisone - my right foot is killing me). after weeks on end of wearing das boot, i've had to go old school for the last week or so because the little dictator ripped some skin off my leg on a trip to wegman's 10 days ago. let's just say it wasn't pretty and it was hurting like a beast. also, i must say that it pretty much ruined the progress my other foot had made by putting more pressure on that foot to keep up with the height difference. one foot gets better at the expense of the other. hmm. my feet are like social classes! das boot being the rich, unfeeling, hoity-toity stepping on (figuratively speaking) the needs of the lower down, athletic-shoe-only-wearing citizen next to it. jerk. i never did like that left foot anyway.

okay, i've started something i can't finish. i'm going to work.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


the last few days have had their share of weirdisms. here's one i can share (and let me just mention at the outset that i was OUTRAGED): i got a FAKE ticket from the district of columbia. no, actually, the ticket is real. it was issued in ERROR. apparently some highly qualified, competent individual down there at the traffic office mis-entered a license plate for a car, and despite the fact that the picture CLEARLY shows a gray toyota, they have charged my RED JETTA with a ticket for speeding through the 3rd street tunnel in DC on may 3. okay, i don't even know where that is.

so i tried calling and leaving a strongly worded message, but of course the machine was full (probably of messages left by other people who had been errantly charged with violations). finally i reached a human being when the office opened yesterday morning and i was interrupted and told that it would be investigated and someone would call me back. i'm like, 'hi, it's not my car.' the woman didn't even let me finish as she quipped back, 'well, ma'am, if you know it's not your car, that's all that's important.' what? yeah, whatever.

at least i got out of jury duty due to the brokenness of my foot.

and may i just say that we're having a cookout at work tomorrow. this has me truly psyched. i've said it before: i need to get out more.