Sunday, May 13, 2007


this weekend has been a balm to me. friday kicked off with the office crab feast (and thankfully we were under a cover so that i didn't get crispy like last year), after which i picked up salimah, we hit chicken out for a quick, cheap dinner, and then we came home to watch a movie (i fell promptly asleep).

saturday morning, we got up early because i had a hair appointment first thing (i love my hair just after it's freshly chopped). then we grabbed some sushi and salad from trader joe's, came home and munched while we watched a truly stupid french film, and then later got ourselves together and went over to my friend vanessa's for a cookout with her boyfriend and family. it was a truly relaxing evening...good food, good conversation, adorable babies (nearly 2, actually) to smile at. i managed to get caught in a torrential downpour after i dropped saliamh off at her place and despite accidentally flinging my keys onto the ground and getting my boot and the left half of me rather wet, my purse (and hair!) stayed dry, so all was not lost:).

today i woke up early, ate some breakfast, took a nap, and have been doing freelance ever since to the backdrop of some fun movies i've seen before. i need a day of complete downtime to gear up for yet another very busy week ahead.

i'm off now to elevate the foot, drink some water, and find more typos. maybe someday i'll have something less newsy to say. 'til then, happy mother's day!

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