Tuesday, April 03, 2007

if april showers bring may flowers, what does april sunshine bring?

i've nearly started this blog entry about four times now, but for whatever reason, only this time did i actually start typing.

where to start?

well, first of all, i had a most fantastic weekend. it started out rocky on friday because i wasn't feeling so well, but things pulled themselves together eventually. not only did salimah and i have a wonderful dinner with the lindners (including gifts of homemade pottery, time with two doggies, and getting to meet their daughters, both of whom are lovely people), but i'm realizing that there might just be a little something for me out there after all....

in other news, i'm stressed out about all the stuff i have to do (both at home and at work), and today i performed some feats of stress eating involving chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs and pringles. i'm a professional. please don't try this at home....

april may be looking up in some ways after all....no fools this time around, i hope;).

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