Sunday, March 04, 2007

to sleep, perchance to dream....

i have been having such wacked out dreams lately. last night, for example, i dreamed that i was privy to this ultimate fishing competition wherein teams of people were being whittled down to individual participants, one of whom would catch this angel fish that had the ability to talk (and looked somewhat like a bulldog, actually). paula deen was in charge of the competition, and one of my coworkers was a finalist. the grand prize was $250K, so of course I was rooting for her, but part of the competition also involved people cooking for the other contestants and i got into this long conversation with one of the chefs about how the beverage he had prepared was a cross between sangria and communion grape juice (and again, no one seemed bothered that i was along for the ride). he kept insisting that his creation was a traditional jewish drink, but i wasn't buying it.

in another dream, salimah and i were trying to go grocery shopping in this dormitory/mall-type place, and we were having a devil of a time getting in there to pay. we already had our cart of groceries, but somehow we had gotten out of the building accidentally and the only ways back in involved stairs, so we were trying to maneuver this grocery cart around these weird pathways. we never did pay for that food, actually....

there are others, but i won't bore you with my very strange subconscious mind.

in other news, i just woke up, and i'm thinking about breakfast already, and then i'm going to go and watch 'the departed.' last night i saw 'running with scissors' and the night before was 'half nelson.' frankly, i didn't enjoy either of them. i mean, the acting was good, etc., but i just didn't LIKE what i saw. perhaps i'm missing something all deep or whatever, but 'half nelson' was particularly disappointing in its failure to resolve anything really. maybe that was the point - i don't know.

anyway, i've realized that most of the time, i like movies to have some closure. the world itself is unsettling enough. so i'm sure that makes me NOT edgy in the least. i'll get over it. if i'm paying to see it, then i want it to work out. thank you, and goodnight.

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Alexis said...

This post made me laugh! I have wacked-out dreams too. This weekend I dreamed that my father bred a horse that attacked people and was keeping it in our old house.