Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some notes i'm considering writing

dear people out in the street right now,
YES, i can hear every WORD of your conversation, which - may i mention - you are having at 10:41 pm on a weeknight. thank you. please move along.
a disgruntled apartment dweller

dear person who shall remain nameless but certain people know who you are and that is all that matters,
please do not sit in group scenarios and pick your dirty fingernails. i mean it. go wash your hands.
horrifyingly, (is that a word, really?)
someone who cares deeply about nailcare and hygiene

dear britney spears,
can you please stop the madness? seriously. you aren't making things any easier for yourself, your children, or anyone of us, for that matter. you're taking up precious entertainment tonight time that we could be devoting to something much more pressing, like who is the father of anna nicole's baby after all, for crying out loud?!?!
oops, you did it again,
someone who might have a bunch of your music on her itunes but doesn't really listen to it much anymore. honestly.

dear martin o'malley,
i'm on to you.

i'm not signing that last one, because really, is it necessary?

in other news, i just had some peanut butter toast, milk, and a banana, and i'm wide awake. no rest for the weary, i tell you....

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