Tuesday, March 06, 2007


i went back to the podiatrist's office yesterday and got another shot of cortisone, but this time into the arch of my left foot. whoa nelly. i can't really tell you how much that one hurt. okay, a LOT. trust me, not fun.

but things are feeling slightly less aggravated since i've been using my new orthotics, and i'm going back in 2 weeks. here's to progress.

in other news, i got my hair chopped off. and on march 23: highlights (copper and blonde ones). my hairdresser agreed to fit me in if i promised her i'd go out afterwards. fair enough.

and now on to american idol:D


Kimberly said...

Oh my, those shots sure can hurt. I remember telling my Dr that I refused another treatment that way, the pain was too much and I'd rather have surgery...lol. I hope things get better and you have less pain, it's never fun when walking hurts. Keep us posted as to how it's going.

Devika said...

I've been thinking about you everytime I've hit the treadmill. I hope the shots are helping. be kind to yourself and you will heal!!!