Tuesday, March 13, 2007


so, the first night of just the top 12 on idol is about to start, and i've got a vested interest in this whole deal - mainly because i'm entering a poll to see who'll win.

i'm in the mood to go on a wine tasting. maybe this weekend even.

i'm also feeling the love for the spring temps.

furthermore, i'm making efforts to drag myself out of the place i'm in emotionally (which isn't great - i'll be honest) and cut my relationship losses while i can (letting people down isn't ever easy, especially when they're nice).

spring is dangerous for me, though, people. when the breeze starts blowing, it makes me think of venice and a boy i love and a day so unlike this one because of the measure of joy it brings.

must keep my wits - if not about me then darn near close.

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