Saturday, March 10, 2007

i got no title, so how 'bout this?

i've gotten a mighty slow start today, but i hope within the next hour or so to leave the apartment to run a few errands before i head over to my friend vanessa's for her birthday celebration.

last night was cocktails and 'mr. smith goes to washington' at salimah's with two other girlfriends. i'm so lame-o, though. i had to go and lie down halfway through the movie because i was straight up exhausted. that's what i get for trying to have social plans on a friday night. i'm clearly too old for all that:P.

in other news, my management company tried to bill me and my ex boyfriend for 'charges incurred' after i supposedly 'moved out' from the community....and they sent me this mildly threatening letter informing me that my credit would be negatively impacted if i didn't, essentially, 'pay up.' oh yeah, and the charges? $3.51 each. bogus.

the good thing is that, after i pursued the matter thoroughly, they finally erased the record and chalked it up to 'computer error.' how convenient.

all right. i've got to get my lazy butt moving. happy weekend.

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