Friday, March 16, 2007


i have to be honest. i'm currently obsessed with club soda. i mean, first of all, it's just good with some lime or lemon squeezed in it. but then, lately, i've been using it to make italian sodas with some of my ruby red grapefruit margarita mix (sans tequila). okay, AND it takes out some stains.

but then today, we're having a huge ice storm (it's tapping on my windows as i type this), and i came home feeling cold and grumpy and decided that what i needed most in the world at that moment was a stack of buttery, syrupy pancakes. and of course, because i haven't been cooking at all lately, my milk has gone sour, so what did i use in its place? club soda. i swear to you - these were some of the lightest, fluffiest pancakes i've ever had. they were SO freaking good, i'm considering a repeat performance tomorrow morning (or heck, maybe even later tonight if i get hungry again).

anyhoo, i'm quite sure no one gives a crap about me and my fizzy water addiction, so i'm out.


Devika said...

In my region of India, we make these "crepes" out of a fermented batter of rice flour, water, and sugar. My mother's secret ingredient is sprite. So your club soda pancakes make complete sense to me. My mom's dosa are super fluffy with crispy, lacey edges.

sarah said...

so funny, because i was thinking that lemon-lime soda would also be quite delish....
seriously, while i was eating those pancakes, i was wondering WHY i had been using milk all those years. never again!!

Alexis said...

I personally have great respect for club soda. At my wedding reception, I spilled brown sauce on my wedding dress, and thankfully my friend dabbed her napkin in some club soda and it came right out. Club soda to the rescue!