Wednesday, March 28, 2007

mini update

okay, so i have another couple of dates set up for the very near future. these promise to be MUCH better than the first. good grief - could anything be any worse?

in other news, i'm sleep deprived but a little happy. these days, i'll take what i can get....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


here are some good things:

1. my hair looks fabulous. got it highlighted on saturday. copper and blonde - love it!
2. i had bonefish last night with salimah and e. such a great time:).
3. i have another date on friday, this time with someone i'm looking forward to going out with. at the very least, it'll be a fun time. i feel like i can say that for sure.
4. free hbo and showtime for 6 months!
5. it's finally spring:).
6. my very dear friend amy perbeck is coming in just under a month for 4 whole days!
7. club soda is STILL rockin my world.
8. it's still the weekend:).

that's all i got for now. i tried to make it to 10, but let's not be legalistic just for the sake;).

Saturday, March 24, 2007

not. even. close.

wow. where to begin?

okay, so my "date" (i hesitate to call him that because i loathed everything about him) showed up 30 minutes late, didn't apologize, and when i tried to shake his hand, he said, 'nah, you don't have to do that. why are you trying to let everyone in the restaurant know it's our first meeting?' (like somehow that was totally offensive to him) then he had the nerve to ask ME if i had told our server that i was waiting on someone late. what?!?!

he had horrible table manners, reeked of awful cologne, was an abysmal conversationalist, and watched basketball over my shoulder for most of the meal (which, honestly, ALMOST didn't make me mad, because it was less time i had to try and talk to him - although yes, i DID call him on it). he was argumentative and asked too many personal questions. i hated how i felt in his presence and, to be honest, i was embarrassed to be there.

i tried to make the best of it. i really did.

oh, but here's the real kicker: (now, let me preface this by saying that this man asked ME out, okay?? NOT the other way around) when the bill comes, he awkwardly says, 'um, i have a first date rule - we go dutch. is that okay?' i'm like, 'yeah, fine.' then i started looking in my bag for my wallet, and as i did that, he asked me again if that was okay. at this point, i didn't even TRY to hide my distaste for him. i let him know that it was rather rude for him to not let me know that when HE asked me out. then he tried to come back with, 'oh, well, i don't even remember who asked who out, to tell you the truth.' i'm like, 'uh YOU did. YOU asked me out. for sure.'

so i basically told him how much he owed and then he tried to argue about how much i wanted to tip the waiter. God, i just wanted to get out of there.

oh, and another distasteful tidbit from the meal? he picked up a piece of bread, buttered it on both sides, and then tore a piece off with his teeth like an animal, at which point some butter flailed its way onto his chin. he grunted. picked up his napkin in his fist, smeared at it and then put the napkin in a ball back onto the table. uh huh. you read that right.

oh, and THEN, at some point during the meal, he asked if i had ever been married. when i shook my head no, he goes, 'no kids?' (again, shook head no) 'well, why NOT?' (like there was something wrong with that) i said, plainly, 'because i'm not interested in having children out of wedlock.' he honestly looked as though he didn't know what i meant. whatever.

so basically, after the check debacle, i informed him i was tired and that i was going to take off. so we walked outside and as a last ditch effort to be polite, i said, 'well, nice to meet you.' he looked at me quizically: 'do you really mean that?'

'NICETOMEETYOU' i rushed, at which point he was like, 'yeah, goodnight' and walked off. i acted like i was walking to my car, waited until he drove away and then went back into the restaurant and found my waiter. i took his hand and let him know that he was the one bright point in my evening (that and the food, which was delicious, actually), that i had just been on the worst blind date ever, and that i appreciated how attentive he was, because it made me feel - for a few brief moments - like i wasn't crazy. he told me that the guy seemed like 'a real bastard,' called me 'dear' and told me he hoped i'd come back....i left feeling war-torn.

suffice it to say - my experiment in going out with relative strangers has begun and ended all in one fell swoop. NEVER AGAIN, do you hear me? never.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some notes i'm considering writing

dear people out in the street right now,
YES, i can hear every WORD of your conversation, which - may i mention - you are having at 10:41 pm on a weeknight. thank you. please move along.
a disgruntled apartment dweller

dear person who shall remain nameless but certain people know who you are and that is all that matters,
please do not sit in group scenarios and pick your dirty fingernails. i mean it. go wash your hands.
horrifyingly, (is that a word, really?)
someone who cares deeply about nailcare and hygiene

dear britney spears,
can you please stop the madness? seriously. you aren't making things any easier for yourself, your children, or anyone of us, for that matter. you're taking up precious entertainment tonight time that we could be devoting to something much more pressing, like who is the father of anna nicole's baby after all, for crying out loud?!?!
oops, you did it again,
someone who might have a bunch of your music on her itunes but doesn't really listen to it much anymore. honestly.

dear martin o'malley,
i'm on to you.

i'm not signing that last one, because really, is it necessary?

in other news, i just had some peanut butter toast, milk, and a banana, and i'm wide awake. no rest for the weary, i tell you....

Monday, March 19, 2007

'somebody's got a case of the MONdays'

i got home a bit earlier than usual today because i had another podiatrist appointment this afternoon. basically, i'm still in pain, and he's given me another rx for a different antiinflammatory (the other one wasn't cutting it). i hope it works. essentially, if the treatments don't work, i might have to have surgery. i'm praying that doesn't happen....

now then, in other news, dancing with the stars begins again tonight. i don't think i need to tell you people that i don't really need another addictive show to watch...but will i watch it? heck yeah! will be sure to let you know what i think....

finally, i've got occasional bouts of relationship intrigue around these parts. more on that if anything real happens. oh, and speaking of relationships, a somewhat sad/distressing note: as i was leaving the doc's office today, one of his staff was clearly mid-meltdown over a breakup that i assume happened last night or the night before. she left the desk to take the call but left the door open to the room where she was. all i could hear was her pleading with him: 'but we NEED to talk....this isn't MY decision; it's am i supposed to know what to do? you're the one who LEFT ME.'

God, the agony in her voice. it actually stressed me out a bit. too many old, bad memories.

*shake it off*

okay, onto dinner....

Friday, March 16, 2007


i have to be honest. i'm currently obsessed with club soda. i mean, first of all, it's just good with some lime or lemon squeezed in it. but then, lately, i've been using it to make italian sodas with some of my ruby red grapefruit margarita mix (sans tequila). okay, AND it takes out some stains.

but then today, we're having a huge ice storm (it's tapping on my windows as i type this), and i came home feeling cold and grumpy and decided that what i needed most in the world at that moment was a stack of buttery, syrupy pancakes. and of course, because i haven't been cooking at all lately, my milk has gone sour, so what did i use in its place? club soda. i swear to you - these were some of the lightest, fluffiest pancakes i've ever had. they were SO freaking good, i'm considering a repeat performance tomorrow morning (or heck, maybe even later tonight if i get hungry again).

anyhoo, i'm quite sure no one gives a crap about me and my fizzy water addiction, so i'm out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


so, the first night of just the top 12 on idol is about to start, and i've got a vested interest in this whole deal - mainly because i'm entering a poll to see who'll win.

i'm in the mood to go on a wine tasting. maybe this weekend even.

i'm also feeling the love for the spring temps.

furthermore, i'm making efforts to drag myself out of the place i'm in emotionally (which isn't great - i'll be honest) and cut my relationship losses while i can (letting people down isn't ever easy, especially when they're nice).

spring is dangerous for me, though, people. when the breeze starts blowing, it makes me think of venice and a boy i love and a day so unlike this one because of the measure of joy it brings.

must keep my wits - if not about me then darn near close.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i got no title, so how 'bout this?

i've gotten a mighty slow start today, but i hope within the next hour or so to leave the apartment to run a few errands before i head over to my friend vanessa's for her birthday celebration.

last night was cocktails and 'mr. smith goes to washington' at salimah's with two other girlfriends. i'm so lame-o, though. i had to go and lie down halfway through the movie because i was straight up exhausted. that's what i get for trying to have social plans on a friday night. i'm clearly too old for all that:P.

in other news, my management company tried to bill me and my ex boyfriend for 'charges incurred' after i supposedly 'moved out' from the community....and they sent me this mildly threatening letter informing me that my credit would be negatively impacted if i didn't, essentially, 'pay up.' oh yeah, and the charges? $3.51 each. bogus.

the good thing is that, after i pursued the matter thoroughly, they finally erased the record and chalked it up to 'computer error.' how convenient.

all right. i've got to get my lazy butt moving. happy weekend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


i went back to the podiatrist's office yesterday and got another shot of cortisone, but this time into the arch of my left foot. whoa nelly. i can't really tell you how much that one hurt. okay, a LOT. trust me, not fun.

but things are feeling slightly less aggravated since i've been using my new orthotics, and i'm going back in 2 weeks. here's to progress.

in other news, i got my hair chopped off. and on march 23: highlights (copper and blonde ones). my hairdresser agreed to fit me in if i promised her i'd go out afterwards. fair enough.

and now on to american idol:D

Sunday, March 04, 2007

to sleep, perchance to dream....

i have been having such wacked out dreams lately. last night, for example, i dreamed that i was privy to this ultimate fishing competition wherein teams of people were being whittled down to individual participants, one of whom would catch this angel fish that had the ability to talk (and looked somewhat like a bulldog, actually). paula deen was in charge of the competition, and one of my coworkers was a finalist. the grand prize was $250K, so of course I was rooting for her, but part of the competition also involved people cooking for the other contestants and i got into this long conversation with one of the chefs about how the beverage he had prepared was a cross between sangria and communion grape juice (and again, no one seemed bothered that i was along for the ride). he kept insisting that his creation was a traditional jewish drink, but i wasn't buying it.

in another dream, salimah and i were trying to go grocery shopping in this dormitory/mall-type place, and we were having a devil of a time getting in there to pay. we already had our cart of groceries, but somehow we had gotten out of the building accidentally and the only ways back in involved stairs, so we were trying to maneuver this grocery cart around these weird pathways. we never did pay for that food, actually....

there are others, but i won't bore you with my very strange subconscious mind.

in other news, i just woke up, and i'm thinking about breakfast already, and then i'm going to go and watch 'the departed.' last night i saw 'running with scissors' and the night before was 'half nelson.' frankly, i didn't enjoy either of them. i mean, the acting was good, etc., but i just didn't LIKE what i saw. perhaps i'm missing something all deep or whatever, but 'half nelson' was particularly disappointing in its failure to resolve anything really. maybe that was the point - i don't know.

anyway, i've realized that most of the time, i like movies to have some closure. the world itself is unsettling enough. so i'm sure that makes me NOT edgy in the least. i'll get over it. if i'm paying to see it, then i want it to work out. thank you, and goodnight.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


1. my apartment is a wreck. it needs tidying, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing in parts.
2. my dear friend shona is coming to visit today. we've known each other since we were 13 or 14. scary.
3. as usual, i've got a bunch of stuff to do work-wise. i really shouldn't complain. really.
4. yes, my feet still hurt.
5. i'm listening to bach's brandenburg concerto. it's sprightly.
6. i ate far too many malted milk eggs the other night. i'm sure the yellow #s 5, 6, and whatever are pickling my insides.
7. last night i watched a program about seattle, and i felt such pangs of regret for not moving there in 1999.
8. i still think about moving there for a year, just to see what might happen.
9. wegman's subs are DELISH.
10. i need a shower. i'm going to take one now.
11. sorry this was boring.