Sunday, February 25, 2007


so, i got a diagnosis from my podiatrist: i have a neuroma (an enlarged nerve) in my right foot and have torn the plantar fascia in my left foot. he gave me a shot of cortisone into the nerve in my right foot (OUCH) that numbed my toes for a good hour...the first pain relief i've had in months. he also instructed me to get some new orthotics from charm city run and while i was there, i decided just to get some new brooks as well (my old ones were on their way out), so 170 bucks later (!!!), i was walking in some very cushy, comfy softness....

i'm hopeful that these measures will provide some ongoing relief. i'm going back to see him in a week. in the meantime, i'm not really supposed to be doing much walking or anything involving impact, since that's the source of my problems to begin with (so the gym was a major culprit, apparently). i'm trying not to feel frustrated about it, but i don't know that i'm succeeding very well.

i will say this, though: it feels good to get some answers, even if they're not the ones you want. good life lesson. must keep that in mind.


Devika said...

OMG, woman. You TORE your plantar fascia?? That is crazy. You've had this pain for so long, and you were walking around with a torn plantar fascia! I feel faint just thinking about it. I'm glad you saw the doctor! Holy shit.

sarah said...

yeah, devika, believe me. this pain has been NO JOKE. i think i tried to minimize it in my own mind just so it wouldn't drive me nuts, because as soon as i full let myself admit how much it hurt, it started to really wear on me emotionally. all i'm saying is - yay for orthotics!