Sunday, February 18, 2007

thus far

my weekend has been lovely up until now. the day is early, so there are still opportunities for greatness—although i confess that i plan to spend much of today on the couch watching movies and cooking shows, so i'm not sure where greatness will come from all of that....

friday night, i went to a very interesting, kind of hidden gallery in west-central baltimore (the kind of place where i suspect, one might have attended raves at some point in the past - not that i would know anything about that, mind you) to see salimah read in a poetry event on love. other than the smoke that hung thick in the air at points, it was a pretty cool time. very eclectic, somewhat drunk in parts, crowd....

yesterday, we caught 'music and lyrics,' with drew and hugh. love them both, really. i've had such a crush on hugh grant for years, and i'm telling you - that man keeps getting better with age. plus, i just heard that he and his lady friend broke up. hugh, CALL ME! ;)

after a brief but delish late lunch (we were both completely ravenous) at the california pizza kitchen, salimah and i hit up this cosmetics/haircare store at the avenue in hunt valley (alda or something) and i managed to score a new hairdryer/diffuser, since mine is decidedly on the fritz, as well as several bottles of this shampoo i can't seem to find anywhere but that i love and that smells yummy:).

i dropped s. off at the light rail and made my way home, only to find that my parking lot was still piled with ice and snow....but apparently i was very distracted by a phone conversation i was having, because as i was pulling into a space, i accidentally slammed down on the gas instead of the brake, and i shot up over the curb and nearly crashed my beautiful bella into some bushes and a railing! all was well, though....

so, that's really about it for the last 36 hours of my existence. valentine's day was all about being snowed in (and i was grateful, actually). my american idol is finally up and running, and jack bauer is continuing to kick butt and take names. all is good for today:).

oh, and that's another thing: i'm seriously living NOW. i can't worry about later....even later today. sometimes that's what it takes to stay sane. and i promise, i'm trying:).

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