Wednesday, February 14, 2007

thoughts at 6:45 a.m.

tis a beautiful thing having a day off from work because there is ice covering everything outside. and, i don't mean to be a poo-pooer, but i'm also kind of glad that i don't have to sit at my desk listening to announcements for who's getting the next bouquet of flowers delivered. really, it gets old rather quickly.

but i swear i haven't turned into some bitter, jilted chick. promise.

i mean, really, such a 'holiday' as valentine's day can be a mix of emotions for a single girl - ranging from downright annoyance to some kind of detached ennui to a type of mourning almost of all the time wasted with people who weren't that romantic or whatever. this year, i'm definitely in the detached camp. some around me are boycotting and all that. honestly, i'm not that invested. if you get flowers and i don't, good for you. i'm happy with a cute little card from a coworker that says 'be mine' on it or whatever. it's a gesture of friendship and i'm not going to refuse it. but the fact that no one's sending me flowers isn't my problem, per se. believe me, i've got bigger fish to fry.

but who wants to talk about all this right now? i'm going back to bed. it's a snow day!!

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