Sunday, February 04, 2007


okay, i'm officially livid. i have been to my neighborhood safeway one too many times and had the WORST experiences, and today i had ENOUGH.

the bottom line is that i live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of minorities, and—i believe as a result—so many of the stores are understaffed, understocked, dirty, and with disgruntled employees. because really, no one's coming here and trying to impress anyone. it's shoddy and ridiculous, and it's the main reason why i flee to the suburbs to do my grocery shopping most of the time.

i wish so much that everyone could recognize that ALL people, everywhere, need good, clean places to shop...whether they make a ton of money or not.... i'm angry enough that i'm planning an all-out campaign until i see some resolution.

even the person to whom i spoke at the toll-free number tried to call the store to get some answers, and he said that his experience was 'junk.' i'm like, 'yeah, now you know how i feel....'

anyway, safeway has not seen the last of me. this is some b.s. and i'm not interested in taking it lying down.

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Devika said...

It's very crappy that people that live in the city have to leave for decent groceries. I feel like this is also a huge problem in terms of getting services, like oil changes, dealing with insurance, etc. Keep us posted on your campaign!