Thursday, February 08, 2007

it's thursday, and i feel like a list

1. this is so crazy.
2. my feet are ICE cold (and not in a bad white rapper kind of way).
3. tomorrow i'm determined not to let my hair go all unruly and whatnot.
4. i'm listening to 'confessions of the applewood pta' on CD, narrated by ms. lisa kudrow herself. highly enjoyable.
5. i owe a ton of money in taxes. more than i expected.
6. i've been suffering from severe ennui of late. i cannot say more than that.
7. i'm practicing my new york accent a bit more frequently these days.
8. i should get a paycheck for being a consiglieri (except without the criminal involvement part). i'm good at it.
9. i've been eating almost nothing but fish and seafood for the last week or so. i'm slightly paranoid about mercury poisoning.
10. i'm going to bed now. i mean it.

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