Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i would just like to say

that i am rather thankful it didn't snow last night. now if the weather would just comply today, that would be most helpful to me:D.

i'm gonna be late for work, so i must jet for now. i'm sorry i've been MIA of late. i'm telling you, people, there isn't that much interesting in my head these days....unless you want to hear me tell you how tired i am, how i've got too much to do, and how my blockbuster movies have been sitting on top of my tv for 2 weeks because i don't have time to watch them.

well, there, i just told you....

i will say this, though: had dinner with salimah and her thesis advisor on friday at sammy's and then breakfast with her and vic on saturday at the flying avocado cafe, and it felt SO good to be among the living again, having real conversation and just BEING with people. i wish that type of activity were more a part of my life these days.

all right. i'm off to editing land. laters....

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