Saturday, February 03, 2007

i swear i'm not dead.

i just really haven't felt like blogging this last week. and i've been in a bad mood. and my foot hurts. for reals. (actually, that last one isn't a reason, but it's true nevertheless. i have an appointment with a podiatrist on february 23.)

also, if you've called me recently and i haven't yet called you back, please don't think i'm ignoring you. it'll happen soon enough.:)

in other news, i've had paula cole's 'where have all the cowboys gone?' GLUED in my head. yesterday at work, in moments of silence (which are few and far between these days, since i'm almost always listening to a book on CD), the lines 'where is my marlboro man? where is his shiny gun? where is my lonely ranger, and where have all the cowboys gone?' would appear, center stage, and just repeat and repeat and repeat until i drowned them out with something a little less aggravating.

and as a final note, i know i've been in a bad mood, because i've started telling strangers that i'm in a bad mood. THIS, my friends, does not bode well. i'm gonna have to snap out of it - quick, fast, and in a hurry....

see you soon. really.

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