Wednesday, February 28, 2007

heart's place

the only thing interesting i have to report is that i decided this week to do a 'service project' of sorts, so i'm supporting this shelter by buying them much-needed items. what i appreciate about what they're doing is that they have a policy of letting an entire family stay there, instead of just women and children or just men. i feel grateful for the opportunity to bless them, actually. so this weekend, i'll be taking over several bags of stuff that salimah and i picked up this week.

in other news, the cortisone shot is slowly wearing off, it seems, and the pain in my right foot is getting worse again. i'm tired of hurting. that much i can tell you. but it occurs to me that there are others in the world tired of hurting, too. so i've decided not to focus too much on my own suffering at this juncture. bear someone else's burdens for a moment. it can be your ticket to joy. at least, this is my hope for now....

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