Monday, February 19, 2007


i managed to accomplish all 4 foods on my list in the last post and even made up some linguine to accompany the bolognese sauce (which was tomatoey sweet and packed with meat chunks). i must say: the gnocchi (with butter and cheese) was a delightful accompaniment to the herb-roasted pork loin (moist with pan juices) and braised red cabbage (SO tangy and delicious in its red wine-infused sauce with the softened apples and onions). i feel so great about all i did today! of course, i couldn't have gotten through without the soulful stylings of miss billie holiday, miss jane monheit, and miss norah jones. ladies, i salute you!

oh, and i would have updated sooner, but i was zonked out on the couch. i'm rather sore, you see, because not only did i pull at least one muscle last night on the ice, but when i went to move my car earlier, i definitely pulled at least one more (inner hip flexors/groin - oy!) getting INTO the car. the ice was so treacherous! (and don't think i didn't call to complain about it!!)

on the docket for the evening: some work, my beloved jack bauer, and hopefully in bed at a decent hour (hey, that rhymed!). oh, and eating, of course!! :)

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Devika said...

After reading your post, I made a bolognese with grenache noir. It was heavenly. Monito tried it and immediately asked what I did to make it taste so much better!