Wednesday, February 28, 2007

heart's place

the only thing interesting i have to report is that i decided this week to do a 'service project' of sorts, so i'm supporting this shelter by buying them much-needed items. what i appreciate about what they're doing is that they have a policy of letting an entire family stay there, instead of just women and children or just men. i feel grateful for the opportunity to bless them, actually. so this weekend, i'll be taking over several bags of stuff that salimah and i picked up this week.

in other news, the cortisone shot is slowly wearing off, it seems, and the pain in my right foot is getting worse again. i'm tired of hurting. that much i can tell you. but it occurs to me that there are others in the world tired of hurting, too. so i've decided not to focus too much on my own suffering at this juncture. bear someone else's burdens for a moment. it can be your ticket to joy. at least, this is my hope for now....

Sunday, February 25, 2007


so, i got a diagnosis from my podiatrist: i have a neuroma (an enlarged nerve) in my right foot and have torn the plantar fascia in my left foot. he gave me a shot of cortisone into the nerve in my right foot (OUCH) that numbed my toes for a good hour...the first pain relief i've had in months. he also instructed me to get some new orthotics from charm city run and while i was there, i decided just to get some new brooks as well (my old ones were on their way out), so 170 bucks later (!!!), i was walking in some very cushy, comfy softness....

i'm hopeful that these measures will provide some ongoing relief. i'm going back to see him in a week. in the meantime, i'm not really supposed to be doing much walking or anything involving impact, since that's the source of my problems to begin with (so the gym was a major culprit, apparently). i'm trying not to feel frustrated about it, but i don't know that i'm succeeding very well.

i will say this, though: it feels good to get some answers, even if they're not the ones you want. good life lesson. must keep that in mind.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

i'm going to be honest with you

i'm a mess. i'm in quite a bit of pain, and it's getting to me. earlier i started crying, just because someone showed me a tiny bit of compassion. ugh. no fun.

the good news is that i'm going to see a podiatrist tomorrow about the bad foot pain i've been experiencing for some time now. but i've also got this incredibly sore, very stiff neck that is making me crazy. i'm telling you - it's not good.

so that's why i haven't written in a couple of days, really. i'm just hurting. there's no sense in pretending otherwise.

Monday, February 19, 2007


i managed to accomplish all 4 foods on my list in the last post and even made up some linguine to accompany the bolognese sauce (which was tomatoey sweet and packed with meat chunks). i must say: the gnocchi (with butter and cheese) was a delightful accompaniment to the herb-roasted pork loin (moist with pan juices) and braised red cabbage (SO tangy and delicious in its red wine-infused sauce with the softened apples and onions). i feel so great about all i did today! of course, i couldn't have gotten through without the soulful stylings of miss billie holiday, miss jane monheit, and miss norah jones. ladies, i salute you!

oh, and i would have updated sooner, but i was zonked out on the couch. i'm rather sore, you see, because not only did i pull at least one muscle last night on the ice, but when i went to move my car earlier, i definitely pulled at least one more (inner hip flexors/groin - oy!) getting INTO the car. the ice was so treacherous! (and don't think i didn't call to complain about it!!)

on the docket for the evening: some work, my beloved jack bauer, and hopefully in bed at a decent hour (hey, that rhymed!). oh, and eating, of course!! :)

cooking extravaganza!

last night (before the black ice incident) i went to wegman's and stocked up on some truly yummy foods (including cheese out the wazoo), and today i'm going to do some serious throwing down in my kitchen. here's what's on the docket:

1. a super meaty bolognese sauce, rich with wine (as of 11:30: done and simmering!)
2. an herb-and-oil-rubbed roasted pork loin
3. braised red cabbage with apples and onions (as of 12:30: done and roasting in the oven!)
4. either gnocchi with pesto or creamy polenta (perhaps with gorgonzola or something cheesy)

that's all for now. stay tuned. there might be something else that goes on the list!

as a backdrop for the deliciousness, it'll be all about jazz, laundry, and freelance editing. woo. hoo. :D

Sunday, February 18, 2007

black ice

i nearly died just now....

okay, not died, really, but i found myself in the middle of the street on a sheet of black ice with both hands on the ground trying to keep myself from falling over completely. i couldn't park in my lot because there were no spaces, and the closest space i could find (thank GOD there even WAS one) was across the main road and in front of another building. ugh. i'm so not happy with the way they have managed to NOT actually clear any snow or ice out of here. anyone heard of putting salt on the road??

i'm going to contact my rental office in the morning with a strongly worded message. there are a lot of elderly residents in my community. how is this acceptable??

oh, and i think i pulled a muscle in my butt.

thus far

my weekend has been lovely up until now. the day is early, so there are still opportunities for greatness—although i confess that i plan to spend much of today on the couch watching movies and cooking shows, so i'm not sure where greatness will come from all of that....

friday night, i went to a very interesting, kind of hidden gallery in west-central baltimore (the kind of place where i suspect, one might have attended raves at some point in the past - not that i would know anything about that, mind you) to see salimah read in a poetry event on love. other than the smoke that hung thick in the air at points, it was a pretty cool time. very eclectic, somewhat drunk in parts, crowd....

yesterday, we caught 'music and lyrics,' with drew and hugh. love them both, really. i've had such a crush on hugh grant for years, and i'm telling you - that man keeps getting better with age. plus, i just heard that he and his lady friend broke up. hugh, CALL ME! ;)

after a brief but delish late lunch (we were both completely ravenous) at the california pizza kitchen, salimah and i hit up this cosmetics/haircare store at the avenue in hunt valley (alda or something) and i managed to score a new hairdryer/diffuser, since mine is decidedly on the fritz, as well as several bottles of this shampoo i can't seem to find anywhere but that i love and that smells yummy:).

i dropped s. off at the light rail and made my way home, only to find that my parking lot was still piled with ice and snow....but apparently i was very distracted by a phone conversation i was having, because as i was pulling into a space, i accidentally slammed down on the gas instead of the brake, and i shot up over the curb and nearly crashed my beautiful bella into some bushes and a railing! all was well, though....

so, that's really about it for the last 36 hours of my existence. valentine's day was all about being snowed in (and i was grateful, actually). my american idol is finally up and running, and jack bauer is continuing to kick butt and take names. all is good for today:).

oh, and that's another thing: i'm seriously living NOW. i can't worry about later....even later today. sometimes that's what it takes to stay sane. and i promise, i'm trying:).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

never enough

the thing about money is that there's just never enough of it for what you need....maybe this is a curse. i don't know. all i DO know is that the thought of it stresses me out like no tomorrow.

maybe i really DO need to give mega millions a whirl.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

thoughts at 6:45 a.m.

tis a beautiful thing having a day off from work because there is ice covering everything outside. and, i don't mean to be a poo-pooer, but i'm also kind of glad that i don't have to sit at my desk listening to announcements for who's getting the next bouquet of flowers delivered. really, it gets old rather quickly.

but i swear i haven't turned into some bitter, jilted chick. promise.

i mean, really, such a 'holiday' as valentine's day can be a mix of emotions for a single girl - ranging from downright annoyance to some kind of detached ennui to a type of mourning almost of all the time wasted with people who weren't that romantic or whatever. this year, i'm definitely in the detached camp. some around me are boycotting and all that. honestly, i'm not that invested. if you get flowers and i don't, good for you. i'm happy with a cute little card from a coworker that says 'be mine' on it or whatever. it's a gesture of friendship and i'm not going to refuse it. but the fact that no one's sending me flowers isn't my problem, per se. believe me, i've got bigger fish to fry.

but who wants to talk about all this right now? i'm going back to bed. it's a snow day!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i would just like to say

that i am rather thankful it didn't snow last night. now if the weather would just comply today, that would be most helpful to me:D.

i'm gonna be late for work, so i must jet for now. i'm sorry i've been MIA of late. i'm telling you, people, there isn't that much interesting in my head these days....unless you want to hear me tell you how tired i am, how i've got too much to do, and how my blockbuster movies have been sitting on top of my tv for 2 weeks because i don't have time to watch them.

well, there, i just told you....

i will say this, though: had dinner with salimah and her thesis advisor on friday at sammy's and then breakfast with her and vic on saturday at the flying avocado cafe, and it felt SO good to be among the living again, having real conversation and just BEING with people. i wish that type of activity were more a part of my life these days.

all right. i'm off to editing land. laters....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

okay, so i lied, but i have a good reason!

i'm not in bed yet. but i have fun news to share (not everyone will care about this, but at least one person will). back in the late 90s, i was rather into a group called burlap to cashmere. i've wondered on and off what happened to them, and tonight i found out that they're going back on tour and the lead singer - whom i always enjoyed in particular - has a new album coming out. if you're interested in downloading his EP, visit his web site, (you can also find him on myspace and hear samples.)

that is all.

it's thursday, and i feel like a list

1. this is so crazy.
2. my feet are ICE cold (and not in a bad white rapper kind of way).
3. tomorrow i'm determined not to let my hair go all unruly and whatnot.
4. i'm listening to 'confessions of the applewood pta' on CD, narrated by ms. lisa kudrow herself. highly enjoyable.
5. i owe a ton of money in taxes. more than i expected.
6. i've been suffering from severe ennui of late. i cannot say more than that.
7. i'm practicing my new york accent a bit more frequently these days.
8. i should get a paycheck for being a consiglieri (except without the criminal involvement part). i'm good at it.
9. i've been eating almost nothing but fish and seafood for the last week or so. i'm slightly paranoid about mercury poisoning.
10. i'm going to bed now. i mean it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


okay, i'm officially livid. i have been to my neighborhood safeway one too many times and had the WORST experiences, and today i had ENOUGH.

the bottom line is that i live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of minorities, and—i believe as a result—so many of the stores are understaffed, understocked, dirty, and with disgruntled employees. because really, no one's coming here and trying to impress anyone. it's shoddy and ridiculous, and it's the main reason why i flee to the suburbs to do my grocery shopping most of the time.

i wish so much that everyone could recognize that ALL people, everywhere, need good, clean places to shop...whether they make a ton of money or not.... i'm angry enough that i'm planning an all-out campaign until i see some resolution.

even the person to whom i spoke at the toll-free number tried to call the store to get some answers, and he said that his experience was 'junk.' i'm like, 'yeah, now you know how i feel....'

anyway, safeway has not seen the last of me. this is some b.s. and i'm not interested in taking it lying down.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

i swear i'm not dead.

i just really haven't felt like blogging this last week. and i've been in a bad mood. and my foot hurts. for reals. (actually, that last one isn't a reason, but it's true nevertheless. i have an appointment with a podiatrist on february 23.)

also, if you've called me recently and i haven't yet called you back, please don't think i'm ignoring you. it'll happen soon enough.:)

in other news, i've had paula cole's 'where have all the cowboys gone?' GLUED in my head. yesterday at work, in moments of silence (which are few and far between these days, since i'm almost always listening to a book on CD), the lines 'where is my marlboro man? where is his shiny gun? where is my lonely ranger, and where have all the cowboys gone?' would appear, center stage, and just repeat and repeat and repeat until i drowned them out with something a little less aggravating.

and as a final note, i know i've been in a bad mood, because i've started telling strangers that i'm in a bad mood. THIS, my friends, does not bode well. i'm gonna have to snap out of it - quick, fast, and in a hurry....

see you soon. really.