Sunday, January 21, 2007

you know what time it is....

it's time for a recap list, of course....although this time, i'm working the whole week, since i've been completely MIA. again, sorry 'bout that:).

1. saturday brunch at miss shirley's. saw plenty of cute babies. food was terrific. can't wait to go back.
2. the temp has officially dropped and it is now COLD. and WINDY. me no like.
3. i worked ALL last weekend and several nights this week as well. today promises more of the same.
4. my camera was having problemos, and i was heartbroken enough about it, the food blog had to go on hiatus for over a week. (see #9)
5. both 24 AND american idol started this week. needless to say, i'm deliriously happy about this.
6. i need a road trip. bad.
7. i've acquired three new albums: snow patrol, augustana, and corinne bailey rae. so far, so good.
8. my apartment is a HOT MESS.
9. yesterday, a lovely russian man fixed my camera for 5 bucks. when he was done, he looked up at me and said, 'are you happy now?' i could tell in his eyes that he meant it.
10. mexican hot chocolate from the filling station is rocking my world these days.

and just because i'm in an odd mood, i'll end this list on a #11.

11. i know i've sung its praises before, but the satellite radio in my car seriously rocks. yesterday's favorite moment: singing 'mickey' at the top of my lungs while in line at the bank drive-thru window. and just when you think nothing can top that, along comes dionne warwick (for crying out loud) with 'heartbreaker.' classic.

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