Wednesday, January 10, 2007


lately i've taken back up the habit of listening to some novels on CD while working. well, today, completely unbeknownst to me, my current choice got rather steamy. the horror! ;)

in other news, i got a project done tonight, and i've managed to sell off about 20-25 of my VHS tapes that i'm trying to get rid of. it'll be hard to let some of these movies go, but i'm also relieved to reduce my collection to just DVDs....btw, if anyone's interested in any movies, i'm selling them for a buck apiece. e-mail me if you want a list of what's available!!

i'm trying to get myself in order in the midst of the wackiness that is my life. things just keep getting more and more interesting....i'm hopeful, though, that i can pick a book for tomorrow that's a little more subdued....that's what you get for clearing the public library out of its chick lit CDs!

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