Monday, January 15, 2007

quoth the raven, 'not this year, suckas!' (a.k.a. weekend recap)

how are you, blog world? i've been buried under various editing projects all weekend. sorry i've been out of touch:).

so, to briefly sum up: the ravens lost in the playoffs (this isn't news to anyone by now, but this is the part where i catalogue info for my own benefit.) and although i wasn't able to watch the game (i was at bonefish eating a delish dinner and caught only random snippets of yelling from the bar area.), i was able to determine from watching the post-game recaps that ray lewis pretty much screwed a bunch of things up....but that, in and of itself, isn't really the was that he was on the news being interviewed and he completely failed to acknowledge his own missteps within the context of the game....missteps that might have cost us the win (again, this is speculation on my part). one of the other players at least was keeping it real. he said, simply, 'i'm embarrassed.' there you have it.

in other news, i'm about to have a work date with my friend ness. we both are in need of some accountability to get some stuff accomplished. i get hella work done when she's around.

all right. that's it for me for now. i know that i alluded to a very cool happening on friday night. promise to fill you all in, but i've got to download the pics from my cam first....all i'm gonna say is that you should be prepared to be rocked by this news:).

as a final homage to the football sitch, at this point in the game, i'm all about the it out, new england.

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