Thursday, January 04, 2007

oh heavenly goodness

i had the most divine salmon for dinner! i mentioned a photo project before. frankly, it might be boring, and i cannot promise that i'm actually going to do it every day (but i'll try), but if you're interested, go here.

so anyway, dinner....normally, when i make tamarind salmon, there's mayonnaise involved, but i've been wondering how good it would be with just the seasonings, then seared in a pan and topped with sauteed green onions (which, incidentally, i tossed in lemon juice and herb salt from crate and barrel). the verdict? DELISH. i hooked myself up with a green salad with cranberries, walnuts, a little cheese, and some carrots (in a light parm peppercorn dressing), and i was more than good to go....i can say one thing: it's gonna be hard keeping my hands off that other piece of fish until tomorrow!


Devika said...

that totally looked like a restaurant meal! I didn't know that you made it!

sarah said...

devika, what a compliment!! thank you:)