Monday, January 01, 2007

new year, all year

it's 2007 now, and to tell you that i've got some resolutions would be an understatement. i've got more of a to-do list, really. should i tell you what's on it? not sure. what if i don't finish the list? will you care/know? dunno.

okay, here goes anyway....

1. back to the gym!
2. re-adopt a points-counting eating plan.
3. finish a birthday project for march (not for me).
4. use the stickers on my extremely fun new calendar.
5. complete a photo project i have planned (a one-a-day).
6. save money for paris!
7. find peace about may 2006.
8. begin paring down my things (anyone want to buy a gazelle elliptical machine?).
9. reclaim my second bedroom.
10. get back in touch with a couple of friends.
11. keep my hair in check.
12. go to more live sporting and/or small-scale musical events.
13. consider options for project 'jefferson' (for the purposes of privacy, i can't really divulge what this is. if you are out there wondering what the heck i'm talking about, feel free to e-mail.)
14. stay healthy!!!!!

okay, that'll do me for now. i'm hoping that i can add to this as i begin to knock elements of it down.

so, i'm gearing up to go back to work tomorrow. it's been awhile since i've been there. i'm sure that my regular schedule will do me some good, but at this moment, all i can think about is that i wish i had one more day to sleep off this holiday.

oh, and as a sidebar comment: the jamaican paradise cocktail at chili's is deadly but delish!

more on my new year's eve later....:)

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