Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my hands are cracked, the ice is melting, and where are you anyway?

i can't ever drink water fast enough...i feel like i'm in a constant state of replenishing ice. it's tuesday. i skipped the state of the union but said a hearty YES to american idol (how can i resist?). i've noticed that they've stopped showing any of the good people (with few exceptions). the audition portions of the show are ALL about the people who aren't anywhere near good enough. honestly, i find it boring, and yet i am COMPELLED to watch it.

today dragged on for an eternity, but my one bit of joy was another book on CD that i'm rolling right through. the last one had me all up in arms. there were times that i gasped and when my coworkers inquired what was up, i spoke with such urgency about what was going on that they thought these were real friends of mine. and just to show you that i have a problem, last week i went to dinner with my friend, and i had just heard this particularly difficult portion in the car. so when i got into the restaurant, she told me i looked like i didn't feel well or that there was something wrong. 'oh no,' i said, 'it's just that this guy's cheating on his wife in the book i'm listening to, and i guess that part of the book just got to me, you know?' i don't really need to tell you that she looked at me as if i were crazy....yeah.

anyhoo, i just ate a snickerdoodle cookie (too doughy), drank some skim milk, and am contemplating my ice water and the lotion i love with a serious passion. oh, yeah, and i'm waiting for a call before bed. a good one.

and everything but the girl is in my head....'now you've disappeared somewhere...like outer space...you've found some better place...and i miss you....like the deserts miss the rain....'

sing it, sister.

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Devika said...

I often get affected by books and characters, too. I also would tell people about the things that happened in books, as if they were friends of mine. You are not alone! We just love books!