Sunday, January 28, 2007

my best friend is a supahstar

last night, salimah held a private poetry reading at minas in hampden. just about 25 people showed up for the event, and it was such a warm group, lots of laughter and could just FEEL people being proud of her and really receiving the pieces. it was the perfect evening for her to showcase her truly fantastic, publishable work. i couldn't have been more proud....

and it was great, too, that we had space for 2 hours (the reading was just around 40 minutes long) so we had plenty of time to all mingle and laugh and catch up with one another. she really has such great friends, and i was psyched to see so many of her coworkers show up. that's support! then again, she always speaks so highly of all of them, so i was in no way surprised.

now then, let it be said on this sunday night in late january, 2007, salimah, your book will be published someday, and then the general public will know just how truly great of a writer you really heard it here first!!

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Salimah said...

Sarah, your contribution to my thesis was invaluable. You took my words and gave them clarity, you worked to push the essence of my words to the forefront. Thanks for cheering me on, but know that you are a superstar in your own right. And that's just a fact.