Sunday, January 07, 2007

'look at me; i'm sandra dee, lousy with virginity.'

pop culture fascinates me. i love that you can flip between the 100 best pop songs of the 80s, the new 'grease' auditions show, and the true hollywood story of christie brinkley. seriously, how great is cable?

actually, most of it's ridiculous, and yet i watch it without hesitation. i'm sure that i 'should' be spending my time on more heady pursuits, but this afternoon i put in some seriously focused hours on a freelance project, and now my eye is twitching. heady isn't for me just now.

on a completely unrelated note, i'm turning over some new leaves in '07, readers. i've got my mind set on a few very specific goals, and i intend to pursue them with fervor. take a mental snapshot now, because this time next year, my life won't be the same. i feel certain of that. one item on the horizon: relational overhaul.

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