Monday, January 22, 2007


i had such high hopes for the one-a-day food blog, but after my camera was out of commission for over a week, i've abandoned the notion that i'm taking a photo a day. plus - and this is really the biggest part - i'm freaking busy. SO, i'm planning on taking pics when i can and posting them. i know. it's really not the same, but then again, this is for me, right? i get to make the rules.

it's a good thing.

speaking of food, though, can i just say - i had the nicest little dinner: crunchy breadcrumb-coated tilapia, buttered rice, and roasted green beans. on the side was a couple tablespoons of a cinnamon-cranberry-walnut compote i made tonight just for kicks. people, let me tell you - deLISH.

i washed all the dishes, managed to roast myself some poultry breakfast sausage for the rest of the week, and now i'm just hanging out until 24 comes on in roughly 50 minutes. it made me so happy to use my rice cooker tonight. with pots bubbling, pans sizzling, that little guy steaming away, and the smells of winter and homey-ness swirling all around me, i felt SO in my element. how great it is to reconnect - even if for just a few moments - with what you love.

and speaking of things i love, hellOOOO jack bauer:).

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Kate said...

oh i know just what you mean!! that homey feeling, being at one with what you're doing, making some delicious food. lovely!!