Monday, January 08, 2007

a banner year

in 2004, i made a promise to myself not to go out like a punk, and i gotta say - i feel like i've kept that promise to myself over the last 3 years. the only true resolution that i made for 2007 is this: to USE what i have and to really LIVE within myself, the moments of my life, etc. this involves being rather purposeful about taking full advantage of what is in front of me. it means separating the wheat from the chaff and then using that wheat for every possible thing imaginable. it means saying good-bye to some things and a big HELLOOOO to others.

if you ever read my sidebar, you might have noticed a slight change in my profile's 'about me' section. the last couple of sentences read as follows:

prepare to have your hair blown back, america. it's on.

when i say 'america,' i really mean myself and anyone else who's deeply involved (whether through this blog or a personal relationship with me) in my life. this is ME inviting YOU to come on this ride with me and see all that's going to unfold in my life over the course of 2007. it's gonna be a banner year, people. i feel it.

note to self: this is the day i prayed for that door to open. let it open, God. let it open.

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Devika said...

It's great to see you blogging so much! Can't wait to see what happens in 2007!