Wednesday, January 03, 2007

adventures in black bean dip

a little while ago, when preparing my melange dinner (a smart ones pasta meal, a little meatloaf, and some salad), i managed to drop some black bean dip on the floor, the lid flew open mid-air, and it got ALL over the leg of my khakis. oy.

so, it may not shock you to know that i'm now doing a load of laundry. seriously, i'm not having it good with the clothes the last couple of days. yesterday morning, on my way out the door, i managed to rip off the front of my denim shirt. i really didn't have time to deal with the situation, so i partied out the door. way to start the new year, you know?

anyhoo, i've got stuff to do before bed tonight, so i best motor. let's all pray that this mess comes out of my pants, shall we??

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