Friday, January 05, 2007

the ace of cakes

should i think it strange at all that last night in my dreams, duff goodman (of charm city cakes and the food network series 'ace of cakes') drew a caricature of himself on my arm? but then, it turned out that he accidentally used water-soluble marker such that later, when i went to take a shower, much of the "tattoo" came off. i was heartened, however, to note that the outline still remained, because the next day, i planned to tell my coworkers that duff had, indeed, drawn himself on my arm (since that would clearly mean something to most people).

um, what is that about??

i'm wondering if i fell asleep with the TV on last night and perhaps his show came on and it worked itself into my subconscious. at least, i'm hoping that's what it is.

i DO, however, think it's cool that someone from baltimore is doing something great that's gaining nationwide recognition. i hope he holds it down for the home team and doesn't uproot and go somewhere glitzy like new york or LA. baltimore needs some more street cred...more people should get famous and then STAY here.

okay, so maybe it's not that weird that i had the dream, but is it, in fact, weird that i sent him an e-mail to tell him about it?:)

time will tell, i guess....

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