Sunday, December 24, 2006

my girl wants to party all the time
(or why i love satellite radio)

i'm in virginnie now, visiting my folks for the long christmas weekend. the trip down was interminably long, but i have to say - i managed to keep my spirits up due to a decision to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps and, of course, my sirius radio. i was rocking out to some tunes of the 80s and 90s all the way down. so fun was the music, in fact, that despite the 2 hours i spent going 40 miles, i was relatively unfazed. that's some good radio, people.

today i visited with a dear friend and her kids. tomorrow, i hang out with two more dear friends (one of whom has my beautiful friend lucy), and then christmas day (or the morning after, before departing), i'll see yet ANOTHER treasured long-time comrade. seriously, that's the only way to spend a holiday....lots of people you love in your immediate vicinity.

actually, now that i looked at the clock, i realize that it's already tomorrow, so i'm off to bed. this promises to be a busy day; i'm making my parents my now-famous game hens for our christmas eve repast, and somewhere amidst the making of merry with friends, i hope to schedule a power nap.

sleep tight, world. morning comes all too quickly.

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