Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i know i've been remiss lately. salimah was commenting to me the other day that now it's odd to her to NOT see me posting every day, when before nablopomo, that was kind of the way things were.

honestly, i'm on vacation in a lot of ways right now. i've wasted no time in slowing way the heck down and putting everything on the back burner for a few days. to celebrate my first (almost) full day off yesterday (i'd been doing a bit of freelance for my regular job, and i didn't finish it until yesterday morning), i did absolutely nothing - other than bake off a batch of cookies that were in the freezer, make some dumplings and snow peas for lunch, and watch the patsy cline story 'sweet dreams' for the umpteenth time.

this morning, i'm off to the dentist, then another appointment this afternoon to get my hair cut, and other than a few mild get-togethers with friends before i leave to go back home for the holiday, my time is basically my own. i can't remember when i last said that....

on my mind's docket these days: ways to impact needy children's lives; my need to get back to the gym; a persistent and continuing ache for a stage in my life not yet coming to fruition; the huge stack of magazines i need to process and remove from my life; my speeding ticket (more on this later).

for now, i'm off to have my teeth cleaned.

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Brenda said...

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