Sunday, December 03, 2006

eat it raw

last night, i remembered why i love singing with bands or groups - and specifically in a live venue. caryl's show was fantastic, and the band (eat it raw) was tremendous. there was some seriously SICK guitar playing going on...and i'm not one to point that out normally. it amped me up inside in a way that only live music can. and what's more, i was just so proud of caryl for putting together a really complex set of songs to honor her dad (and grandfather). it was no small undertaking, and she pulled it off with utter finesse.

oh, and would it be horrible of me to admit that a few of the boys in this band were rather adorable? :)

here's the gang, post-show. what a great night. i hope for nothing but utter success for the whole lot. their talent deserves to be experienced.

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