Sunday, December 31, 2006


on this last day of the year, it's hard for me to resist summing up what has occurred over the last 365 days. here are a few bullet points, just for kicks.
  • i was incredibly sick for an entire fiscal quarter (more, actually....more like a third of the year).
  • i joined a gym, worked out like a fiend for awhile, and then couldn't go for long stretches of time due to illness.
  • i celebrated with salimah as she completed her master's program and mourned with her as she lost her dad and both his parents.
  • i got to escape to the mountains for a week, which completely and utterly reminded me how much i love them and wish i could be near them on a daily basis.
  • i got rid of henry david and acquired my beautiful bella.
  • i was able to let go of anger from a dissolved long-term relationship, forgive, and move on with my life.
  • i met some new boys, some of whom i still know and rather enjoy, and got my heart good and broken by one in particular.
  • i took on a second job.
  • i came to the realization that, although i still have a lot of growing to do, i'm emotionally healthy and, therefore, attracted to others who are the same.
  • i became a "conoisseur of good rap" (according to salimah).
  • i reconnected with a couple of old friends and made some dear, dear new ones whom i hope to keep for life.
  • i stopped being quite the worry wart i once was.
  • i perfected my cornish game hens recipe.
  • i upgraded my kitchenaid mixer, my mattress, and the artwork on my walls.
  • i complete nablopomo!
  • i fell in love with books on CD (and my beloved gogol), clif bars before a workout, poultry breakfast sausage (love that protein in the morning!), sudoku, BLING, hair elastics, satellite radio, skim decaf peppermint mochas, 2-point softserve snacks, brooks running shoes and crocs, and buying presents for children i'll never know.

onto the next adventure. whatcha got for me, '07?

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