Thursday, November 09, 2006

while it is still called today....

i've tried concocting a blog post three times tonight but have come up with nada. so now that there is less than 5 minutes left of thursday, i'm putting a li'l something out here just to acknowledge that i am, in fact, still participating in nablopomo:).

sometimes there's not much more to say than that.

oh, well, i DID speak too soon about my stomach issues being resolved last night. after my last blog post, i had a minor relapse. but today seemed more even, and i actually managed to eat some turkey and a banana, both of which are decidedly non-carby items [read: not saltines].

i watched the break-up tonight. not the best film ever, but i'm a fan of vince vaughn and jen aniston, so it was a rather enjoyable hour and 45 minutes of my time.

and now that the clock is about to strike midnight, i'm OUT.

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